Thursday, 15 August 2013

Missing Kidney

This past month has been a nightmare!

So in order to have my transplant, I had to have my left kidney taken out as it had a cyst in it. Fine, simple operation right? Oh no, not for me -.-

I had my operation on the 1st July, home 5/6 days later. Week later I'm back in hospital with real bad pains in the area. They put me on the most useless ward EVER. All the staff are just rubbish! Didn't feel as though I was being looked after at all. Kinda like they just left me to it. Was released a few days later, oh but look, I'm back in the next day cause there is puss oozing from the scar -.-

4 weeks later I'm still here! It's been one hell of experience. When I left the hospital the second time, I had fluid build up where the kidney was, Doctors just thought it was a blood clot and that it would just go by itself. I had fluid underneath my lungs but as long as I kept walking around and kept sitting up right, it should just go by itself. HA! next day I'm back in hospital, puss coming out of me and barely being able to breathe. Not only that, I had fluid that had almost filled up all around my lung! The bottom of my lung had collapsed, another day and my whole lung would of gone and that would of been that lung gone. So, here I am on the bed just thinking I have an infection, when everyone is really worried about me and rushing around. Then I find out it was a very serious infection, not many people have pulled through :/

Think I had 1 night on the ward, next day, I'm being rushed down to ICU ( intensive care unit ) I don't really remember much after that. I was pretty out of it for most of it. Was on so many pain killers and so many antibiotics, I just slept. I had to have to drains put into me. One in my chest to drain the fluid from there, and one where the kidney was to drain the pussy yuckiness that was there. I got moved back to my usual ward after about 5/6 days down in ICU. Things slowly improving, fluid from the lung had gone but my lung was still collapsed. Doctors weren't too worried and were pretty sure it would open by itself in time. Had the chest drain out and still kept the other one in, as that were still draining mucky stuff. Over the days my blood test results got better and better. Had the 2nd drain removed. Few days later, I go really downhill again. They do a scan, more fluid had built up in the space of where the kidney was. Because my blood results were still going down, they weren't so worried this time round. got a proper look at it, was a little blood clot, doctors didn't want to cut me open and expose me to more germs if they really didn't need to. So, change of antibiotics and things seem to be going well, I'm looking at going home tomorrow :D

Hopefully, it will be for good this time! I do NOT wanna be coming back. So, I'm going to talk to the doctors later about any concerns and worries. Can't wait to get home! 4 weeks of tele to catch up on. no one will hear from me haha.

I would of never have gotten through any of this without such great support from everybody. Family, Friends that came to see me. The staff here, especially one Doctor. Just wow. Everything that he did for me, how many times he checked up on me and all the small things he did for me. Just really helped. I got him a thank you card, and a syringe pen as thanks, he's now transferred to London :( I'm truly so happy I had the chance to be in his care because it was good to see a doctor actually look after his patient for once. I really wish him and I were able to stay in touch because he is such a nice guy. Stupid rules! - Hopefully, one day I'll run into him again.

Next Journey - Kidney transplant!!! Bring it onn!

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