Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shocking news

I had an appointment with the pre transplant team to talk about the lead up to the operation. I had news that hit me like a ton of bricks!

So I've had this cyst on my left kidney for a while now. It's not been causing any problems or growing. It's just pretty much stayed the same. Doctors didn't seem to worry about it so neither did I. The doctor I saw however thinks that it could cause problems in the future after transplantation. So he wants to remove my left kidney before the transplant.

As you can imagine, I was blown back. I had no idea that I'd have to go through this. I never gave it a second thought. I was so shocked and just totally lost. I got very tearful and just kinda broke down. I know it's going to be good to get it out as I don't want any complications in the future. It's just I don't wanna be have 2 major operations. I've been so scared about this transplant as it is. I have I pretty much go for 2 major operations now.
My friend Rebecca was there with luckily and I got a hug straight away. It was nice to have someone there when I got that news.

So now I just have to wait for the consultant to arrange an operation date. Then once I've recovered from that, I can start getting ready for my transplant.
Since then, I've been totally lost. In a world of my own. I don't know why it's affected me so much or whether it's other things as well. I'm just proper down in the dumps. I used to be able to fake a smile and carry on but not I can barely do that I don't really know how much more of this I can take. I'm slowly breaking down

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  1. It is a scary thing to hear that your kidney needs to be removed,it makes it much more real. All the things you are facing about the transplant are bound to come to mind. Don't try to fake a smile do something that will make you smile give yourself a treat!! Take it one thing at a time and find someone to talk with, the road to transplant can be hard but it will be worth it in the end:)