Thursday, 14 March 2013

feeling low

There's a lot been happening recently. I'm trying to get out of debt as much as I can. One more payment and it will be all cleared. I'm paying it off monthly but with other stuff to pay out for I'm slowly failing. next pay day though I can hopefully pay it all off, I've been working more hours so i'll be debt free. yay :)

Next steps is to save up and start my driving. I'm having a bit of a debate though. Should I a) get a car, get insured and get driving lessons from people or do I b) continue paying out for driving lessons and then get a car? I'm thinking that option A is better. I can save up the driving lesson money for a car and just get a couple of lessons just to get me prepared for my test.

Still having a lot of family problems which really sucks. I just wish I could run away and start fresh. It's not helping with my health and it's adding to the stress. Way too much going on and I can't even relax at home most of the time because of everything happening around here. Just wish things were different.

I had to go to the doctor today, I have to have tests done tomorrow at dialysis. I got to starve myself for 12 hours before though which totally sucks. It's not looking good to be honest :( if the blood test doesn't show anything then there's something else going on. If the results show something then it's worse than bad :( It's a little personal to be sharing with the world for now. But when I do get the results, Then I'll be posting back on here no doubt.

In other news, I had my MRI scan done on Tuesday. I'm hoping that the results come back all good as then the date for the transplant can go ahead :D I can't wait! I really want my life back. I'm looking to do volunteer work for kidney foundation or with the hospital. It would be good to get experience.

Other than that - everything's slowly falling into place

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