Monday, 17 December 2012

New year, new start!

This month has been absolutely rubbish! been in hospital all of it! 3 weeks now :( and they still don't know what's wrong with me -.-

So basically I had a lot of tummy pain after I had drained out. Also I hadn't been weeing as much anymore, when I did go I would get a tummy ache afterwards. so they've done every test going and found nothing!
I started my new dialysis treatment on Friday, everything went good actually :) they only managed the one needle though, but it still works :)
I was allowed out at the weekend, dialysis free!! It was soooo good not having to worry about it! I went to see my baby niece who is absolutely gorgeous!! Chantelle-Louise (: (I've added a photo)
Now I'm back in hospital :( they're wanting to do an MRI scan and see what that shows. Go from there I guess. Doesn't look like I'll be out for Xmas :( but they might let me out for he day.

So whilst I've been stuck in here, I've been doing a lot of research into my travelling.. I've decided to go to Wales next year.. Maybe the end of January. There is this travel group who help you with accommodation and work etc, whilst taking you on tour of the country. It looks absolutely amazing!! So I'm very interested in going. I can do hemo-dialysis on my travels and still be activated on the transplant list :D so yeah! I'm going to Wales! Just not too sure on dates as of yet.

After Wales, I'll return home but before I might aswell stop off at Bournemouth and Devon and all those other places down south before eventually coming back home. Then Scotland! Then Ireland! I just need to get one thing :/ my passport!! Haha

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