Saturday, 20 October 2012

The right path..

so I haven't written a post since before my op, which was over 2 weeks ago now! Been so busy!

Operation went well, I now have a permanent vibrating hand which is rather annoying when I'm trying to sleep! But so awesome seeing people's reaction when they touch it! Brilliant! You can also hear the blood passing through which is pretty awesome! I so can't wait to start my other treatment! Can't wait to get my life back and not have to worry about getting home for a certain time. I can go to festivals and actually stay at a mates!! Ahh. Can't wait!!

Now that I've had two weeks off work, I just don't want to be going back! I mean I need the money and all but I'm not sure how I'm gonna be with my new 'spasticated hand' I can still barely use it lol. Will just have to try and find a way around it I guess.
I've been working in the pub as that doesn't exactly involve much. I love pub work atm, I'm hoping by the new year I'll be getting the drinks right and then maybe look into working in a bigger pub? Maybe pack co-op in and just have 2 pub jobs. We shall see where the future takes me!!

I have finalllyyy had some good news! I applied for support ages ago when I started dialysis (2years ago). I wasn't able to work and was having no income. Took 7 months for them toss pots to make a decision, apparently I was well enough to work -.- not sure how they came to that conclusion but yeah! I took it to court and won the appeal so I'm finally gonna have what I'm owed! I'm nearly out of debt so that money will help go towards a car! I'm so desperately in need of a car ! Gonna start up my lessons again soon and start studying for my theory! Maybe get it done for my bday! can't wait!

Eugh, 23!? I don't wanna be 23 :( it sucks! I'm gonna remain a big kid forever!! I do plan on finding Peter pan and running away to neverland! I mean, I'm obsessed with spongebob! I love trigger! I still get excited over a Disney movie and still get happy meals in macdonalds lol give me a kinder egg and I'll sit there playing with the toys!! I mean I'm such a huge kid lol I'm never growing up :) I should grow up really, but who wants to grow up and act mature? Not me!! Lol

So yeah, that's another post over with, until next time..

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