Friday, 21 September 2012

A thousand things..

So good news from the hospital yesterday!

My blood results are looking good. All my calcium/iron levels are looking good. It's just my blood pressure :/
I'm on the highest dose of my blood pressure pills. If that doesn't help then I'll have to have go onto a new tablet. I'm having to higher dose of my phosphate tablets. Other than that I'm doing well. :)

I have my operation on the 3rd of October to have my fistula put in. Really scared :/
I was asking a thousand questions yesterday with my nurses, trying so hard not to cry lol. I think hemo-dialysis is going to be a lot easier for me to deal with. I'll have more freedom and I won't have to worry so much about it. I don't know why I'm so worried, but I am. I don't want it in my arm. I just hate the thought of it.
I hate the thought of all this tbh, but if I wanna live, I have no choice. I can see me starting to get low self-esteem because of it, I mean I have with my pd tube and no one can see that! I guess I'm just thinking way too much about it and expecting the worse :/

On the happier side of things, my little sister is having a baby :) (not sammy, katherine) she's 7 months gone! How can you not know you're pregnant?! Crazy! But, I'm well looking forward to having another niece/nephew. Going to get spoilt so much! I plan on buying him/her everything to do with tigger possible :D - this is prob why I shouldn't have kids! I'd dress it up in all these outfits haha
Obviously, I wasn't very happy with her for not being careful. But she's my lil sis, gotta be there for her.

I have a 2nd job! Working in the pub down the road from me. It's good, I'm really enjoying it. I need to learn more drinks and what glass to put them in but yeh! I'm sure I'll get the hang of things.

I'm almost out of debt (: just got one more to pay off and thats it! So I'm saving up now to buy myself a cheap car. Insure myself on it and get lessons! I need to get myself driving as its gonna give me a lot more freedom.

Still waiting to hear from the court about my appeal! Hmm

I got so many good things happening, so many things to look forward to. So why do I feel so sad? I know exactly why! Because of him.. I love him and there is just nothing I can do about it.

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  1. Hope all goes well with your operation to get your fistular put in.I will be thinking about you that day as it was the next day 4th oct two years ago when I got my double lung transplant.
    Glad to hear that things are improving with your finances.try to concentrate on the good things and forget the things that bring you down.
    You can't stop things from happening you don't like, but you can change your reactions to them :)