Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wish apon a star

22nd July 2011

I have literally had enough!

I just don't know how much more i can deal with. I have exactly one week to find money so i can buy my bf a birthday pressie, treat him to a nice day and on top of that find money to go to london so i can view some houses for uni. I've tried claiming but they are taking ages! tried tracing it up but i got to go for a medical assessment and got to get a medical certificate from the doctors -.- So that's like another week until i can get my money. By the time i get it i'll be canceling it to go to uni as i wont be working anymore. Eugh!

My whole family are driving me insane! My mum thinks its okay to let my brother sit on his arse all day playing COD - in all fairness though its what she does.. goes to work, comes home sits at the computer plays her games, checks free-cycle and then doesn't come off it until around 8ish. She says that we are old enough to cook our own meals and how she hates being the one to always cook! Isnt that what a mother is meant to do? My brother is 16 and my sister is 14 yeah sure they're old enough to do beans on toast and stuff like that, cant really imagine them doing a full cooked dinner can you? She gets moody for no reason and tbh i cannot wait to get away from her. We did used to be really close, but until she chose to have another kid over saving the one from kidney failure - it has really gone downhil.

I am having alot of money difficulties, I can't work because i get so tired so easily and i cant work for longer then 5 hours 'cause then i have to be home doing dialysis. I honestly have just had enough! i hate this life! cant do anything without dialysis getting in the way! cant go flat hunting a day cause of that GRR!

Just really could use a wish right now..

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