Saturday, 14 January 2012

Slowly getting there

10th August 2011

so I have started doing dialysis over night now. It's been 5 days. It's going okay I guess. I am sooo tired though :( I am getting up for 4/5 every morning to do an exchange and then again at 10/11. I'm trying to stay awake after 11 so I can try and get into a routine. I find it really hard getting back to sleep after my exchange at 5'o clock though. Although, I am eating a bit more now and feeling good. I'm hoping my boss will let me take back my notice and I can start putting more hours in. I am also starting to do some wii fit to get into a routine of exercise then hopefully by the time I next get paid I get can get a swim suit and get into swimming again :)
It will be so good to finally have money. First thing is first though, I have to pay back my boyfriend and mate what I owe and my mother -.-. Then I can finally get some new clothes! getting a bit tired of wearing the same old stuff. Then I must get my bf a birthday pressie as I never got him much :(

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