Saturday, 14 January 2012

My weird dream

August 1st 2011

So I had a really weird dream last night.. and when I say weird it was pretty messed up..

I was on some boat.. I think.. Well I was somewhere anyways, there was wooden floor boards everywhere. The really dark brown coloured ones you'd get in a old house I guess.. anyways I have no idea why I was here but there were ghosts everywhere. I guess you could say they were what a ghost would be expected to look like.. white see through body - a bit like casper. I was walking around this place as if they didn't bother me and there was dust everywhere! :S I found it hard to breathe. The ghosts were telling me about someone being berried and how they were still alive or something :s when I went to check it out the grim reaper was just standing there in his black coat and lil weapon he carries around. He looked up at me and instantly I was scared, I had chills run down my back. I turned around and went to walk away but the scenery changed and he was now in front of me. All the ghosts had jut suddenly vanished.. He started walking towards me and got closer and closer, at the very last minute he turned and said 'you're dead' then another voice said 'I was already dead' ... I must of woken up because I don't remember anything else :s fucking weird or what?

My boyfriend brought me a book called the dreamers dictionary. It's got the meanings of all sorts (what its meant to mean in dreams) so i looked up dust, death and grim reaper and this is what was said :

Death - If you spoke with someone who is dead, you will soon hear very good news. To be aware of a dead person you cannot identify portends an inheritance which may not be personal but could be beneficial.

Dust - signifies an approaching periods of annoyances, petty quarrels, and minor embarrassments

Grim reaper - To see the grim reaper signifies the negative, rejected aspects of your personality. It aspects of yourself that you have repressed. Alternatively, it symbolises death. The dream may be parallel an end to some situation, habit, relationship in your waking life.

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