Saturday, 14 January 2012

Christmas again!

December 19th 2011

As everyone is rushing around getting the final bits for christmas done I have to go and get ill :(. I was quite ill 3/4 weeks ago, and I was in hospital for the weekend as I was draining out blood with my dialysis. I tried to go back to work the following week and was sick at work :( that was 4 days ago. I went to doctors and they've put me on antibiotics, but i've been getting a lot of back pain, around the kidney area.. I feel okay today, but still quite breathless and a few pains in my back.

I just cant be bothered with all of this anymore, I have had to go through so much in the last few years its just getting worse and worse. I want out so bad! Why cant someone, anyone come forward as a donor? I want my life back, I want to start making something out of my life, instead I'm stuck.

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