Saturday, 14 January 2012

Average day

5th July 2011

The past two weeks have just been hell! I had a minor operation to get rid of the extra tissue growing on my tube on 24th June, I was hoping to return to work the following tuesday but because I was still in a lot of pain I had to take the week off, which wasn't good. I returned this week though and got to have the stitches taken out on thursday.

You're probably wondering what's wrong with me with complaining about having time off work? Well as most of you would love to have time off. I'd love to be working more! I can only do 8 hours a week otherwise I get to tired, due to my illness running me down all the time, plus I can only do 4 hours a day then I have to get back home to do dialysis. such a pain! It sucks not being able to work and it sucks not having money. I earn just over 100 a month! Not much to live on really when you think about it. I'm pretty much living trampish ways and I hate it.

I've been using my time flat hunting, no luck so far! need to find somewhere soon or i wont be going to uni :(

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